Welcome to Bringing Your Soul to Light, an exploration of the soul journey. Undergoing a soul regression allows you to access and experience aspects of your past lives and also the period when you exist as pure soul energy between lives. Here you can discover the true nature of your soul and learn details about your soul's journey. You will receive information about what lies "on the other side" and guidance is often given on the plan for your current life, its purposes and progress. Whether you choose to experience a soul regression session now or ever, it is my hope that reading this book will assist you to advance your soul understanding and progress.

What happens after we die? What is the purpose of my current life? Have I lived before?

"In this unique and inspiring guide, Dr. Linda Backman answers these questions with compassion, objectivity, and more than thirty years of experience conducting traditional and past-life regression therapy with clients. Bringing Your Soul to Light includes a wealth of first-hand accounts from actual past-life and between-life regression sessions, offering readers a compelling and personal glimpse into the immortality of the soul. Readers will discover the extraordinary universal connections we all share in this lifetime and beyond. They'll learn how they can use this knowledge to heal and grow, both physically and spiritually, by understanding themselves on a soul level and releasing energetic remnants of past-life trauma. Bringing Your Soul to Light includes a foreword by holistic healing pioneer and author C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D." - Llewellyn Trade Catalog Winter 2009

"Dr. Linda Backman received training from Dr. Michael Newton and since 1993 has conducted her own research into the "life between lives." Her work serves as a valuable source of independent, professionally obtained data that corroborates the results Newton gained in his own practice--although she focuses on the more highly advanced souls. One of her main conclusions is that these people often take on very difficult lives as a way of dramatically increasing their own rate of spiritual growth." (Wilcock, David; The Source Field Investigations, page 81, Dutton, 2011)

Dear Linda, I can not begin to express how well written your book is and the quality of spiritual insight one receives. I am grateful for the fact that I can express these thoughts and hopefully you will receive them. It is a blessing for those that read your book and the reminder for us all to be the very best we can in any given circumstance. I thank you for the time you took to write it and I am so hoping that you will write another. I couldn't put your book down. Thank You! Wishing you Joy. Sincerely, Elaine D.

Available Past Life and Between Life Regression Sessions with Dr. Backman

In addition to the regression sessions listed below, Dr. Backman conducts soul regression sessions on a regular basis at her home office in Colorado. For more information or to schedule a session, please call 303-818-0575 or email earl@ravenheartcenter.com.

October 15-20, 2020: Philadelphia, PA
October 21-26, 2020: New York City, NY
November 7-10, 2020: Charlotte, NC
November 11-16, 2020: Raleigh, NC
December 12-19, 2020: Tucson, AZ

Individual Tele-Sessions

Linda offers Spiritual Mentoring by phone and on-site to:

• Assist with Spiritual Crisis
• Deepen Your Spiritual Awareness
• Understand Your Life Purpose
• Grieve a Loss with Spirit
• Advance Your Intuition

For more information or to schedule a session, please call 303-818-0575 or email earl@ravenheartcenter.com