Soul Regression hypnotherapy is a mechanism or tool that allows an individual to access the memory of past lives and of the period when we are pure soul between lives. It is an experience of stepping back and forth, rather like a see-saw, from a place in current time where there is a past and a future into a timeless space where we are, and always will be, pure soul energy.

During soul regression hypnotherapy, we function simultaneously both in body and in the spiritual realm, experiencing our Higher Self, that holographic counterpart of our deepest essence that resides permanently in Spirit. During this encounter, we are gifted with the ageless and eternal knowledge of who we truly are … pure soul.

Regression hypnotherapy is thus a powerful tool. In simple terms, it refers to the use by a trained practitioner of specific breathing techniques, guided imagery and other non-invasive means to guide the client into a natural state of relaxation or trance hypnosis that is conducive to accessing other than current life data.

All of our past lives, and therefore information about them, are believed to be held within the Akashic Records. “Akasha” is a Sanskrit word meaning sky, space, or aether; the concept of Akashic Records was developed in the nineteenth century. It is believed that these records are real but energetic, existing in a non-physical plane. While in trance, the client is able to utilize the intuition to become aware of past life events and details.

The "regression" covers two distinct areas: a Past Life Soul Regression is a regression into a past life. A Between Lives Soul Regression always includes a Past Life regression to the death scene and beyond, where the intemporal is accessed. Thus Past Life and Between Lives regressions can and often are conducted separately, but the Between Lives Soul Regression includes both.

The content of each Past Life and Between Lives regression is unique to the client. Some examples of what can be learned or gained would include: Energetic Healing, Current Life Purpose, State of Soul Development; Past Life/Current Life Relationships, Understanding of Health Concerns, Connecting with Loved One in the Spiritual Realm, Meeting with Spiritual Guides and Teachers, Employment/Work most beneficial in current life; and much more.

The vast majority of regression hypnotherapists use the standard methods of trance induction listed above to guide the client into an altered or meditative state, a more relaxed frame of mind, just as they would do in any other general hypnotherapeutic session, be it for insomnia, pain control, anxiety or related psychobiological needs. In addition to a standard trance induction, Past Life and Between Lives regression include a specialized induction for the purposes of soul regression hypnotherapy.

General hypnotherapy can be utilized for many purposes such as weight loss, smoking cessation, lessening anxiety, decreasing pain, improving self-esteem, easing childbirth and so on. Basically, general hypnotherapy is tied to utilizing our embodied self, via an altered state of consciousness, to focus on and alleviate or improve a current physical or emotional issue.

Regression hypnotherapy is often labeled transpersonal hypnotherapy because there is a metaphysical or spiritual component where the client experiences him- or herself from the soul level, where continuity of soul consciousness exists. In regression hypnotherapy, any desired present life alteration stems from a conscious and unconscious process led by the client’s Higher Self and his or her Team of Spiritual Guides and Teachers.

The end result of all regression hypnotherapy is therapeutic, serving to aid the client to understand him- or herself on a soul level, benefit the current life, and release energetic and conscious remnants of past life trauma. Thus, the dual components of this work, Past Life Soul Regression and Between Lives Soul Regression, can also be referred to as Soul Therapy.

The most common question that prospective or new clients ask is, "How often do you find someone who cannot go into trance?" Most clients’ greatest concern is that they will not be able to relax sufficiently to access the memory of past lives or the period of time they are pure soul between lives.

Light trance or the slowing of mental activity to light Alpha brain wave state, which is discussed elsewhere in greater detail, is all that is needed for Past Life Soul Regression. It is extremely rare that I have a client who cannot achieve the necessary trance state. In fact, no more than 1 to 2% of my clients have any difficulty moving into light trance.

Technically, the client must be in a somewhat deeper trance, the Alpha/upper Theta brain wave state, to gain memory of the period between lives. Only a slightly higher percentage of my clients, approximately 3 to 5%, are unable to move into this depth of altered state of consciousness.

In other words, the vast majority of people have little or no difficulty gaining the levels of trance state required for Past Life Soul Regression and for Between Lives Soul Regression. And rightly so. Shifting our brain waves into reduced arousal mode is a completely normal occurrence that happens every night as we move toward relaxation and into the sleep state.

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