Nan: A representative case
(Bringing Your Soul to Light - page 27)

In regression, Nan is experiencing the last day of her past life.

I am in a room with friends. I am grateful for no pain and for peaceful quiet. Nobody is upset with my going. I am ready to go and feel blessed by the support of these dear people. I feel the energy of grace in the room. This has been an important life. I feel emotional pain, but I accept this pain and the help from others. All is OK.

Now I feel pulsations and twinkling. The light becomes strong and steady. There is one bright, blue light in the center. I hear, "I am." This is my Guide. I feel his warmth and his welcome. He walks with me with his arm around me. We’re going somewhere. He exudes joy, and we're celebrating.

Now I am with my Council of Wise Elders. They say, "You are ready for the Ascension. Peace on Earth is the potential. You are ready to create it. The Earth is ready and you are ready. Carry the light. This is your life purpose. You can be peaceful in chaos."

They continue by saying that I am giving away too much of my power. They tell me to nurture myself first. They say, "You have the answers. Be brave." There is a huge potential for the Earth when I carry the light. Carrying the light is not easy. "You must balance your need to fix along with being a healer," they add. "There is no true healing with fixing." I will be guided to where I am needed to hold the light. Now I hear beautiful, vibrating, tonal music. I am to know that music can be healing.

Nan's case highlights key soul elements that are useful for all of us. Often at the end of life, there is a palpable sense of spiritual grace in the room. As dying occurs, the presence of loved ones already gone ahead provides a clearly marked pathway for the soul to exit. The experience of ending a life can, and often does, feel perfectly OK.

As with Nan, a smooth crossing occurs for most clients, whereby the soul exits the non-functioning body and travels into increasing light. With ease the Guide arrives, and the client welcomes a conscious renewal of the bond with his or her "spirit buddy."

Nan learns from her Wise Elders that her purpose in life is not something pragmatic like "be a better computer programmer or attorney." It resonates deeply when she is told that her role is to carry the highest energy, described as light, to assist in expanding peace on our planet.

Nan will be shown when and where she is to offer her work. It is not her job to "fix" or "cure" anyone. Her role is to hold love and the highest energy of spirit at her core. In a loving but firm manner, she is reminded to take care of herself first. The underlying message is that it is not self-centered to remember to meet our own needs.

Before starting the regression portion of a client session, I explain clearly that the spiritual realm is in charge of the content that will be received. At times, our personal Team of Guides and Teachers will speak in just the manner Nan's did and provide some esoteric detail, but like Nan, most clients have no difficulty comprehending and registering what was directed specifically to them.