Having worked beside Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Linda Backman's book continues his work of bringing about an understanding of what it's like to be a soul in a human body on earth. She provides insight as to how to go about finding our life's purpose, why some of us face insurmountable obstacles (time and time again) in our lives, how "bad" or "difficult" people may serve a purpose at being present in our lives, how these same people serve a purpose to themselves/their soul as well, and so on.

Dr. Backman works with Past Life Soul Regressions, together with Between Life Soul Regressions; she provides insight to both within this book. It may not be in the same manner, form nor detail that Dr. Newton has with his books, though in her own spiritual way she enlightens the reader as to what it's like to be a soul (not just a body with a brain) within this dense, earthly plane. She also shares how to become more in tune with your soul/higher self, how we can gain a greater understanding of the life we've chosen and make the most of it...finding peace, compassion, harmony, acceptance and joy...despite whatever hindrances come our way. For me, personally, discovering that I have chosen this life, this body, my challenging childhood and all that goes with that - is quite comforting and brought me a sense of peace. Even more so is the knowing that once I leave this body (and this is what resonated with me the most): my soul enters this wondrous realm of pure love `n light where there is no judgment, chaos nor darkness. There is only pure love, bliss, excited energy, sharing of knowledge and illumination for the next time our soul decides to incarnate on earth or somewhere else.

This book spoke to me, therefore I would urge you to glean from this book what speaks to you. Though you may not revel in each and every page, be open to the possibility that there may be things that jump out and "speak to" or resonate with you. Keeping one's expectations in check can oftentimes open one up to receive splendid surprises...in the most unexpected ways.

Devona Renee

Even better than Michael Newton! I thought it was beautifully written and I liked the order in which it was laid out. The transcripts of other life between lives experiences are there, but what's more engaging is the way Linda connects the dots. She has a kind and gentle way of presenting things and explaining a soul's progress - much like I imagine a spirit guide would. I found the book very comforting and inspirational.

The more people in the world who receive this information, the closer we can get to a more peaceful universe where greed,violence and hatred can become things of the past. Namaste.

Janice Bobbie

From the moment I held this book in my hand I could feel the amazing energy and love that Dr. Backman poured in to it. It's a book for anyone who wonders about what lies beyond, whether this is all there is and for anyone who questions what this life is all about anyway! Having experience with Soul Regression is not required to glean helpful information about who we truly are. You've heard the term we are souls having a human experience...maybe you've wondered exactly what that means. Dr. Backman offers many wonderful explanations based on real experiences with thousands of clients.

It's been many years since I experienced soul regression and what I found reading through these many accounts of others is a great sense of calm and peace that I remember feeling after my own regression(s).

Dr. Backman shares her experiences with us in a beautiful, loving way. She cares greatly for each and every one of her clients and you know that she is humbled and honored to share in each of their journeys to bringing their soul to light.

C. Papke

Most individuals are at least aware of the concept of past lives or reincarnation. Approximately one-third of Americans believe strongly that they have experienced the true meaning of "born again". Since my own first spontaneous recall of a past life in 1993, I have experienced at least 30 recalls, some spontaneous, some through guided past life therapy (PLT) with 3 of the world experts in this process.

Dr. Backman has taken the process of PLT a quantum leap forward--exploration of life of the soul between lives, "Soul Regression, which is a more holistic approach to the holographic view of the Soul. Beginning with the benefits of PLT, Dr. Backman lists the remarkable benefits: "fear of death, health challenges, emotions, phobias, career choices, Geographic location of residence, relationships, grieving, and karmic situations". And , of course, actually experience of the Spirit Realm! This leads often to understanding the purpose of life as well as encountering Spirit Guides, and for some individuals, an even greater revelation, Soul Family. Actually, reliving the death process in a previous life often provides the most intense personal revelation.

"Each life is another play in which our soul is an actor." A major lesson in life is understanding the difference in the personality of an individual life versus the immortal nature of one's soul. PLT and Soul Regression are major tools for clarifying your Life Script or Purpose. As with each aspect in understanding Past Life Therapy, the case histories illustrating every chapter provide insight for all of us in learning our own purpose.

The chapter on Free Will is another gem. You have an ability to ignore the lessons of this life or hundreds in the past. However, true wisdom prompts you to make healthy choices that convert each imperfect experience so that your current and future choices will be more compatible with your life purpose. Time after time the case histories demonstrate the power of PLT and Soul Regression in providing deeper insights. In my opinion, BRINGING YOUR SOUL TO LIGHT demonstrates well my own experience that this is the most powerful psychotherapeutic tool available today.

Dr. Backman demonstrates well the evidence "that we choose the specifics of our minds and bodies before birth--" The "between lives regression" that is a major component of the cases presented here brings the significant additional depth of understanding that provides "emotional and mental equilibrium throughout the minor and major storms of life--" Indeed, it is ultimately this insight that makes Soul Regression a powerful contribution to our understanding of the awesome wisdom of life itself.

C. Norman Shealy, M.D.

Having read the prior two reviews, I agree with the first in that Dr. Backman's book is a marvolous look into who we are on a soul level. However, I do understand where the second reviewer is coming from. Dr Newton's books were the first to talk about the Soul experience and gave detailed information on what is experienced in the "between" time of our incarnations. Both of his books were more focused on bringing the idea of multiple incarnations and what we do between lives into the main stream.

Dr. Backman's book has a softer more spiritual look at the chioces that we make prior to incarnating, why we choose difficult lives and how we can overcome what seem to be impossible odds and live rich joyful lives. Knowing who you are on a soul level, no matter what stage of development, can bring greater understanding to your life, can assist in moving you forward to a place of peace and harmony. And let's face it, for many of us just knowing that we chose our family members for a reason can be a comfort.

This is not a 4th Newton book, if that is what you are looking for, you probably will be disappointed, however, this is a rich, wonderful book to get a better understanding of the spirit realm.

A. M. Wright

Dr. Backman's most excellent book is a complete and beautifully written guide for anyone wishing to understand where we exist after shedding our physical bodies. With a gentle writing style, Bringing Your Soul To Light outlines step-by-step explanations of who we are as Eternal Souls and what we do in the Spiritual Realm. Some of the key points illustrate why we choose our families, our specific bodies, the life challenges we go through, and how we learn and grow spiritually through physical incarnations and interactions with members of our soul family. Presenting actual transcripts of regression sessions, the information is presented is then explained in such a clear way the reader will come away feeling a greater sense of who they are.

The eternal truths revealed on the pages of this lovely book will awaken a desire to delve further into Past Life and Between Life Regression. I highly recommend Dr. Backman's book as an uplifting read, and a spring-board for deeper exploration of your true self.

Rhonda Lunsford

I had been looking forward to this book for some time and I was NOT disappointed! Bringing Your Soul to Light is a wonderfully peaceful read, each page bringing us more examples of what's it like to be a Soul in a human body. It's not an easy job! Using the pieces of the regressions that Linda has included, we can understand better that this life we are living now is just a very small piece of our existence - VERY small. It helps to understand the "challenges" we have in life, and we all have them, and how to move forward by using those challenges to grow. My favorite line in the book is....."Our only task in each lifetime is to recognize and come to realize who we truly are." Wow - that is awesome! Let's all do that and make this a better world!

D. Greer

I am blessed to be a student of Dr. Backman and was eager to read her first book, Bringing the Soul to LightBringing Your Soul to Light: Healing Through Past Lives and the Time Between. I find that her written word is as elegant and wise as she is in her teaching. This work is full and rich with wisdom and guidance as well as information from the many, many regressions she has guided. Dr. Backman offers greater depth into subjects identified by Dr. Newton. I feel that, as another reviewer notes, Dr. Backman has another book - or more - to bring to the light of this plane of existance and I look forward to all that she has to offer. Dr. Backman's training, through her Ravenheart Center, allows her students to enter the deeply mysterious,fascinating and soul healing realm of life between lives and the choices we make to enter the lives we live. This realm has a growing body of printed knowledge and Dr. Backman is a leader in this area.

Patricia Opper, LCSW

Dear Linda, I can not begin to express how well written your book is and the quality of spiritual insight one receives. I am grateful for the fact that I can express these thoughts and hopefully you will receive them. It is a blessing for those that read your book and the reminder for us all to be the very best we can in any given circumstance. I thank you for the time you took to write it and I am so hoping that you will write another. I couldn't put your book down. Thank You! Wishing you Joy

Sincerely Elaine D.