February 2

Presentation/Book signing at East-West Bookstore in Seattle, WA

February 1-5

Regression Sessions: Seattle, WA

February 12

Soul Regression Tele-Training: Level One - Past Life

February 21-27

Regression Sessions: Los Angeles, CA

February 22

Workshop at the Conscious Life Expo: Los Angeles, CA

MARCH, 2019

March 7-10

Regression Sessions: Santa Fe, NM

March 8

Presentation/Book signing at The Ark Bookstore: Santa Fe, NM

March 15-17

Soul Regression Training: Level One - Past Life

APRIL, 2019

April 5-7

Regression Sessions: LaJolla, CA

April 11-25

Regression Sessions: Sebastopol, CA

April 11

Presentation/Book signing in Sebastopol (http://manyriversbooks.com/index.html)

April 13

Workshop with Terri Daniel in Sebastopol (https://www.spiritualityandgrief.com/sebastopol.html)

MAY, 2019

May 16-20

Regression Sessions: Chicago, IL

JUNE, 2019

June 6-9

Regression Sessions: Salt Lake City, UT

June 6

Workshop at Annual After Death Awareness Conference: Salt Lake City, UT

June 19-24

Regression Sessions: Lausanne, Switzerland


September 6-8

Soul Regression Training: Level One - Past Life


October 6-13

Regression Sessions: UFO Cruise & Seminar at Sea (Mexican Rivera)


December 5-8

Soul Regression Training: Level Two - Between Lives

MAY, 2020

May 10-24

South Africa Spiritual Experience