Linda makes presentations, conducts workshops, offers regression training, and provides individual Soul Regressions in Boulder, Colorado, throughout the United States, and within Europe. Please visit Linda's Calendar for details. If you are interested in her work being presented in your community, please contact us.


Earl holds a PhD in Political Science and is the Director of Business Operations at The RavenHeartCenter. With administrative experience in Higher Education for 27 years and 6 years in the corporate world, Earl has a keen grasp on the inner workings of organizations. Whether you wish to schedule regression training in your area, individual regression, or discuss any other aspect of the work of The RavenHeart Center, Earl would be happy to speak with you.

Phone: 303-818-0575          Office in Boulder Colorado

If you wish additional information on scheduling a regression session with Linda and/or the training courses conducted by The RavenHeart Center please complete the following form.