Anyone can become a skilled Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression Therapist provided certain conditions are met.

  • First, it is not essential that you intend to have a full-time private regression practice, but you must have an interest, and perhaps a fascination, in the work of guiding the client into moderate or deep trance, into a past life, to the final day of the past life and into the spiritual realm of pure soul energy.

  • Second, approximately 25-50 hours of basic training in hypnosis is needed, which can be taken in person or via home study.

  • Third, basic training and experience in guiding Past Life Soul Regression sessions is required before applying for the Between Lives Soul Regression Training.

None of the above pre-requisites is difficult to fulfill. The Ravenheart Center offers Past Life Soul Regression training in the US and abroad in a four-day intensive program and in home study format. Both are open to the general public. Between Lives Soul Regression training is offered in a five-day intensive program only (generally residential). The Ravenheart Center and the International Between Lives Regression Network co-sponsor Past Life and BLSR training in various locations in the US and abroad. Dr. Linda Backman, with the support of experienced BLSR colleagues, teaches and guides each course, which includes lectures, demonstrations and a practicum. Included in the program are various practices with a spiritual and mystical foundation to support the experience.

All students will receive a Letter of Completion at the culmination of the training and will be eligible to complete additional requirements and apply for Past Life and/or Between Lives Soul Regression Therapist Certification.

Should you have any questions regarding hypnosis training, Past Life or Between Lives Soul Regression training, please visit:

or contact Dr. Earl Backman at or call 303-818-0575.