Regression hypnotherapy affords clients an opening into the higher vibration of positive universal energy in order to achieve a mental understanding and a spiritual awareness of their soul – the eternal, affirmative nature of who and what they are. The process allows each client to swim consciously in the ocean of his or her soul within the greater universe while retaining memory of the experience after the regression is complete. Utilizing trance, the individual taps into personal and global DNA.

What a gift to be able to experience, while in body, the awareness of who and what we are as an individual soul within the realm of the Divine! Each of us as a soul is exactly the same, and distinctly different, simultaneously. We are nothing more, and nothing less, than pure love.

We are each on our own expedition as we traverse from body into spirit form and back again. And with every singular incarnation and interlife, we are learning, growing, developing, progressing and advancing for the greater good of the Tao. And we are not alone in our quest.

First and foremost, we are each an advancing soul. Just as breathing is automatic, we all progress toward greater wisdom, no matter the literal speed measured in earthly time. Our soul is “automated” to seek greater levels of discernment in life. It is like a soul seedling that first germinates underground, pops its head through the earth, and continues to grow into the sunlight.

There is a great dichotomy in life: our soul is timeless while our human minds have difficulty comprehending the absence of time. Yet, if we can simply accept that our soul comes from and remains in a place where time and space do not exist, then, and perhaps only then, can we hold in our conscious mind and awareness that nothing else matters. The purity of our soul stems from the Divine, no matter what human terms we use to label the unknowable, ineffable highest realm and energy of wisdom and love.